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We would like to invite you upon our quest to protect the Federation and all sentient life in the galaxy from hostile forces that crave power over all free loving species. Organized of many different species we are a vanguard for the future of the Federation. We stand in the twilight before the darkness to ensure the security of not only the Federation but all life as we know it. Where you find life without hope that is where we shall stand.

 We specialize in PvE and Social Gaming.  PvP and RP'ing is welcome as well. We don't specialize in these areas but anybody wanting to try something new is definitely welcome.  We're always open to new ideas.

We do have a Teamspeak(Check Fleet Resources tab above for info) server and an ingame chat channel dedicated to recruiting as well as cross faction chatting. you can join by typing " /Channel_join tftfsto " and just say hi!  Also feel free to check out our recruiting application over on the sidebar so we can contact you directly in game. 

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Currently under discussion.  If you have any ideas please join us in game or send a mail to Longinius here as a registered member. Any and all suggestions are considered and even used.  Input from members is at the core of our operation.
Third fleet task force needs your help!

Do you like to play with making videos? Do you like taking screenshots in game and turning them into banners? I know many of us do and we really would like invite others to take an active role in being constructive with the the fleet.  Things we would like to finish or start even:

Advertising Banners

Youtube Videos and Commercials

Audio Commercials for Web Radio Broadcasts.

 We have people working on these things but could use a few more hands on deck. If you think you're interested let  Longinius@john_masters know in game or right here on this site.

Remember these projects will not only be supporting the fleet but also be promoting Star Trek Online in a certain fashion.


Help Construct Halsey Station, Home of Third Fleet Task Force

We'd like to invite you to join us on our new venture towards building our own starbase!  It is the official home of the Third Fleet Task Force!  This includes new content with exciting new Fleet oriented activities!  This change is exciting and long awaited!  So come join us with all the new excitement and splendor!

UPDATE 10/3/14

We are closing in on the Tier 4 for the Sensory Array on the Starbase. The Dilithium Mine is complete(minus a few of the extra bells and whisltes), Embassy is nearing T3 as is the Spire.  Its been a long road to get to these goals. The game has made many changes. A lot of the standard MMO grind has been added to the game over the year as well as some new ships and consoles to play with.  We are expecting the new Delta Rising expansion on 14 OCT 2014 which should add some new stuff. 

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Wednesday, Oct 22 at 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Thursday, Oct 23 at 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Saturday, Oct 25 at 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Wednesday, Oct 29 at 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

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Third Fleet Task Force is a Federation fleet on the F2P game, Star Trek Online, that is oriented towards PvE. Our officers are proud to team-up and execute daily missions, community events, and special task forces. We take pride in helping one another and guiding our inexperienced officers to success.

We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server that is ideal for real-time communication and fleet coordination during our Starfleet missions.


Also try our cross-faction ingame chat channel by typing "/channel_join tftfsto" or right click on your chat window, select Channels, type tftfsto into the search and hit join.  Any fleet member that is available will be glad to assist you. We will soon be making this mandantory, as we will be taking down the standard "Fleet" channel.

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